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How to Watch and Download Movies without Registering?


Numerous Individuals sitting idle at home often wonder about watching a movie. Not only idle people but the ones who get only a weekend to do the things they like prefer spending time watching a movie with their beloved ones. 

With numerous users, there are plenty of torrents that they use to download movies. So, they can watch it without buffering while streaming. Buffering can bring a change in a mood within a nanosecond as no one would like to see a three-hour movie in 4 or 5 hours. 

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So, to make it convenient for you, the Bestmovies888 torrent would work the finest for you. To know what makes it one of the best torrents, you should read further. 

Money Savior

Individuals often opt for cinemas spending money on tickets and fuel to get to a cinema through transport. Additionally, going out means a requirement to dress up nicely and spend time getting ready. So, when using the Bestmovies888 torrent, you do not need to go to a cinema. 

This torrent would provide you with the latest movies with the best video qualities ranging in 720p and 1080p. Thus, it would save money, time, and efforts. The only thing you need to do is get to this bestmovies888.club/2019/04/movie-561123587.html link. 

Any Movie Any Size

The main issue that users face for downloading a movie is the size that becomes too much for the space on the phone, laptop, PC, or USB. So, the feature of providing any size from 300mb to 2gb to download a movie is one of the best ones. Therefore, using Bestmovies888 should be beneficial for every size or capacity of the systems. 

Unlimited Downloading

More often, when you add more than one movie to download through any torrent, the downloading speed of the first movie gradually reduces. So, the downloading period extends longer. However, users would not face that type of situation on Bestmovies888

Users can download more than one movie at a time without facing any trouble with the first one by going to this link; bestmovies888.club/2019/04/movie-561123587.html. Slowly and gradually, all the movies on the list would download at a good downloading speed. This way, it would save a user’s time as well. As there won’t be any requirement to wait for the first one to download and then find another movie, one desires to download. 

Categories Of Movies

Not all the torrents offer all types of movies. This torrent is one of those that would come up with any movie you desire to download. Either it is Bollywood, Hollywood, Web Series, or Tv Series, you can search for anything. 

Bollywood Movies

If you are a big Bollywood fan and you have been watching every movie till 2020, you won’t wish to stop watching or wait longer to go to cinemas. Moreover, you would experience the best feeling by visiting this website. You would find every latest movie and that too in HD quality. 

Hollywood Movies

The genre doesn’t matter as you can watch whichever genre you like to watch. The genres ranging in horror, action, adventure, thrill, suspense, or classic, you would find here all. All you require is to get on the main page of the Bestmovies888 website. So, you can download any of the recent Hollywood movies from the main page or search any if you wish to. 

South Indian Movies

Most individuals love South Indian movies for their superficial fights and stories that convey a lesson or message. If you are one of them, this torrent is the best for you. You would find an ample collection of South Indian movies differing in Tamil, Kannada, or Telugu to download here. 

Web Series

Web series are trending these days. Users would find a variety of famous web series which they can download immediately. This website would prevent them from wasting time on some other torrent or application that requires money. Moreover, the video quality would make the experience of watching any web series worth experiencing. 

Animation Movies And Cartoons

Most individuals, no matter what their age is, prefer watching cartoons they used to see in childhood. Additionally, many torrents offer animation movies which make sure that people like to watch that too. So, using this site, you can watch everything. You do not need to switch sites to download cartoons or animation movies. 

Comedy Videos

If you’ve lacked smiles in your life due to stress or boredom, you must hop on this website. It would light up your mood within a few minutes by offering you a bundle of funny videos. Moreover, you can also call your friends to accompany you on a comedy movie night. That too, in an HD quality. 

Tv Series

Have you missed any episode of your favourite tv series? Or, do you want to see any previous Tv series as your friends appraised it a lot? You can use this website to search any tv series to download its episode and watch it all together. Additionally, you won’t need to bear with the break as well.


Coming to an end, the bestmovies888 torrent is well-known due to its numerous benefits and features. Moreover, there are not any language barriers to make a movie’s language hard for a foreigner to understand. Users would find dubbed movies in almost every language, so they can enjoy the movie in their native languages. 

Furthermore, nowadays, torrents or applications like these require a proper account and some monthly fee. However, the website on which this content embarked upon does not require any penny. You can download anything without spending a handsome amount. 

Besides, this site can stop working for a moment, but everything would be back to normal the other moment. So, isn’t it better to use this website to download episodes of series or movies for free? Whereas, using any other site would not bring such facilities and features, free of charges. 

How to Watch and Download Movies without Registering?


Most of you want to spend a lot of your leisure time watching movies and enjoying it, especially this year when you are stuck at home for an indefinite amount of time. So, people want to watch exciting and much-awaited movies on the weekends with friends and family. Unfortunately. Most of the websites for film require the person’s information and registration. The users have to make an account to watch their favourite movies, and some of the websites also ask for bank account information.

free movies download websites without registration
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Hence, there are many authentic and trustworthy websites to tackle this problem. To watch free movies and download websites without registration, people have to put some effort and face issues finding them. Thus, if you are looking for such a website, then you can find plenty of them on the internet, but not every one of them fulfils the user’s expectation and might not be authentic. So here are some reliable and trustworthy websites from where movies can be downloaded free of cost and without any registration.

List Of Authentic Free Movie Download Websites

Let’s have a look at some free movies download sites that do not require registration.

1. Crackle

It is one of the best platforms to download movies free on the internet. As per your requirement, there is no need to make an account or give any information on this site. Sony Pictures Entertainment provides this website. The website has an extensive database of TV shows, series, and movies. Hence, these qualities make this platform the best for you.

2. PopcornFix

PopcornFix is always on the top of the websites that provide free movies and without registration. It has an extensive collection and variety of movie genres, such as drama, horror, comedy, etc. Due to its vast database, you can never get bored and watch all the most awaited movies. You need to open the website link, search for your film, click it, and start downloading. So here you can watch movies online free full movie, no signup.

 3. 123 Movies

It is one of the best and oldest websites. 123 Movies also won the honourable award for Legacy Of Online Free Movies. If you want a free platform to download the most-awaited and popular movies, then it is the right platform for you. Many people can access this platform and anyone movie at a time without any interruption. It also features the movie download in different languages such as Chinese, Korean, and Kannada to Hindi, Tamil, and English.  

4. MoviesFoundOnline

MoviesFoundOnline is one of the most original free movies download websites without registration. On this platform, you can download not only mainstream movies but also series, TV shows, documentaries, and comedy skits. It also has featured the Hindi dubbed movies of various languages. You can search and find your favourite TV shows and films quickly and in a very convenient way because the platform is organized and maintained to perfection. 

5. The Internet Archive

The internet archive is one of the best platforms and stole many of the hearts due to its unique features. It has hundreds of thousands of movies, series, TV shows, videos, and music. It is a goldmine for its users who love watching movies and have a craze for them. Here you can download free movies without experiencing any trouble and signing up.

Moreover, this platform is very user friendly and is convenient in every way. The method to use it is straightforward and typical; you just need to access the website and search for the movie. Afterwards, click on the displayed movie and open the download link. Now you can download the film in your favourable quality. 

6. Retrovision

It is another excellent platform for downloading movies for free. It has extensive data of films on various genres like animation, adventure, science fiction, action, comedy, and horror. On top of that, TV shows, videos and series are also freely accessible, and there is no requirement to sign up. 

7. FMovies.to

FMovies made its worth in the field of free movie download sites without registration. Many people are attracted to this platform, and it is currently one of the best platforms for free movies download websites without registration. You can access this site quickly and watch your favourite movies or shows with just one click. Films with high HD quality are freely accessible, and you can watch them online also. 

8. FreeMovieDownloads6.com 

This site is new in the field of free movie downloading platforms. However, it has made its worth and name in the area and maintained its height. The movie downloading options are easy and understandable. You need to right-click on the download button and save the file.

9. Divxcrawler.tv

It is one of the most trusted sources to download free movies for entertainment directly. From this site, anyone can download any movie without even spending a single penny. This site provides a vast data collection of the best movies. Along with all the free movies download websites without registration, this site also includes privacy and does not ask for any personal information.

10. YouTube

Last but not least youtube is well known, and the whole world knows about this. This platform is extremely famous for free downloading. Here you can download any video without paying anything. You can download the latest music videos, trailers, tutorials, movies, and series on this platform.  


Therefore, these are the most famous and perfect platforms for you from where you can download the movies free. The websites mentioned above are trustworthy, authentic, and reliable. You do not need to give any signup or registration information on these sites to watch your favourite movies. 

Hence, if you want to watch movies and shows without spending any money and don’t want to provide information, then these sites are perfect for you. You need to google these websites and start watching your favourite movies and shows. So, get on with your searching and enjoy watching movies.

12 Best Seven Torrents Alternatives to Look Into


Watching online movies is one of the amazing things that people are doing in a pandemic situation. And this is the only thing that people have done to spend their quality time. You must be aware of Seven Torrents; it is a fantastic platform that allows you to watch your favorite movies, games, software, ebooks, and an episode of your TV shows.

Finding Torrent sites nowadays is one of the most challenging things that people may face. As there is a lack of websites that offer HD quality at low rates and most importantly download opportunity. Sometimes, we face internet issue that’s led us to wait until buffering. And this is the only thing we hate doing. But don’t worry, here we have focused on the 12 best alternatives of Seven Torrents that will help us to choose if we get any difficulty while using this site.

seven torrents

Pirate Bay

No one can beat Seven Torrents more effectively than Pirate Bay. It is one that founded in Sweden in 2000. More than millions of users are founded on this platform who watches their favorite TV show, movie, music, documentaries, and e-book. Instead of having a good reputation, this website is a ban in many countries like Germany, Greece, Denmark, and Ireland.

The Pirate Bay has been the gold standard when it comes to torrenting. The site has helped millions of individuals the world over to gain access to the latest music, tv shows, music, games and software tools. The latest version, ipiratebay.org is one of the hottest torrenting platforms in the industry that has become a favourite of the free internet community. 

YIFY Torrent

Another best website that we can see is YIFY Torrent. It is famous because it provides HD quality movies with the smallest file size. In terms of content, quality, and downloading speed, this site will definitely give the best competition to other sites.


For the great alternate of Seven Torrents, ZooQLE is known as the newcomer in the industry. No matter, it’s a late platform in the streaming websites; Zooqle has a lot to offer in the form of a massive database of verified torrents. It has been predicted that this website will be the perfect and unique site for the industry that will indeed offer plenty of things for users.

Sky Torrents

Of course, watching a show that provides security and privacy is one of the important things to keep in mind. And for this, Sky Torrents is the finest choice to see. Although it has limited series and movies, its quality has inspired many of the people who are using it.


Torrents.io may not look attractive with it’s a feature, but it is known as the primary website for the users. It is divided into different categories from which you can select the favorite show you want to watch. Of course, it is one of the most satisfying sites that you will love to use after Seven Torrents.


SeedPeer is the perfect choice to see when it comes to Seven Torrents. It offers pleasant, user-friendly, UI, and functionality. The most amazing thing regarding the site is that it is neatly categorized and subcategorized for convenient users.

seven torrents


The Torlock is also a great alternative to the Seven Torrents. The website’s owner is really confident about their paying facility of $1 for fake and unverified torrent on the website that users find. If you think that this site will limit its source, then it’s not true. TorLock offers tons of safe, reliable, fast torrents of movies and TV shows. Another great thing about the website is the number of daily active users present on the site every day, which makes this website worth checking out.


EZTV is the most popular website amongst many sites. It is now on the top 1000 websites on Alexa. The site is famous because of the massive series database. You can create your own account on EZTV so that you can save your favorite show for your spare time. You will be definitely inspired by its features, layout, and design of the website. So, take the necessary information from the website and enjoy your time with it.


LimeTorrents is also the most popular website of the industry as it is free to use and people are enjoying connecting with it. The website offers a database of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and much more. It includes tons of content variety and simple to use for users. LimeTorrent is available on different Official URL extensions including – .asia, .zone, .co, and .com. So, you can enjoy your time by downloading the show that you want to watch.


If you are one of them who is interested in downloading the shows, movies, and documentaries that you can watch without any buffering issue, then obviously it is a perfect choice. However, it is the new website in the industry, but now it has become one of the popular and largest sites for free torrents. So, you can use it as an alternate of the Seven Torrents to spend a fantastic time with the family, friends, or the loved on

seven torrents


A file list is also an option that you can select when it comes to the alternate of seven torrents. You will definitely inspire using the platform as it includes all the best opportunities that a persona looks for. You will find the best features, design, and of course the collection of movies, TV shows, music, and more. Enjoy your quality time by watching such a series whenever you want.


Lastly, have a must look at Zamunda. It is also a great site to choose when you are looking for alternatives to Seven Torrents. Check out the interior designs, categories, and features of the website. It has great downloading speed, high quality, HD quality of the show, and many more. What more a person looks for. Isn’t it?


Here I have discussed the top 12 websites that are fascinating to watch the HD quality movies, TV series, Documentary, Music, and many more. There are also many websites that you will find on Google with different specific features and designs. So, don’t forget to download the shows for the weekend and bring some snacks at home and enjoy your time by spending some quality time with HD quality movie shows.
Stay Safe Stay Home and Healthy!

How To Vote #India – All The Latest Updates


In India, election season is the time that people spend with a lot of preparations. For example, the practice of Sederunt, voting, and the wait for the time to see the leader to elected as the next PM of the country. If we talk about the Indian election, then, of course, you will just look for the time of the previous election, and then decide for the upcoming one. In last US general elections, India was never a subject of much influence and did not fall into political focus for campaigners.

The most significant talking point for India in the US general elections seems to be about Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris who is half-Indian. She may go on to become the first Indian American vice president in the history of the United States if Joe Biden wins. Biden even spoke about standing with India in confronting the emerging regional and border threats.

If we start talking about the past decades, then there must be a lot of things to be discussed. But here will just talk about the election and the preparation of it.

Of course, it is something great that people attend the ceremonies and the time when their favorite President or prime minister comes to share his thoughts regarding the country’s safety and goodwill. And in this time, everyone feels the best for the country and wants to become an influential personality for the sake of their state.

In terms of electoral and geopolitical influence, Indian Americans and India have become important over the last decade. Indian-origin population in American grew by 38 percent to 44,02,363 between 2010 and 2017, according to a demographic report by South Asian Americans Leading Together.

And now, republicans may point at the relation-building between Modi and Trump over the past few years. Both India and the US have seen huge displays around events like ‘Howdy Modi’ and ‘Namaste Trump’, where big deals between the nations were agreed upon. The evolving border tussle with China and escalating tensions with Pakistan may also come into play.

The presidential and vice-presidential debates, where the candidates’ face-off, may shine more light on the importance of India and American Indians in the upcoming general elections.

Finally, President appointed the Modi as the Prime Minister and many of the votes were in favor of Narendra Modi.

According to The Modi,

India’s national election has become a movement of social unity”. He also said, “Election divides, creates distances, makes walls. But the 2019 elections have worked to break the walls”.

Well, after a lot of discussions, keeping things in mind, it was decided that Modi will be the next Prime Minister of India who will look after all the matters that Indians are facing in their country.

After his victory in earning the seat of PM, he spoke less about the economy in his speech. Still, of course, it’s an important thing for the PM to look after as India has a historical unemployment rate at the moment.

Moreover, he also talked about a new cabinet to tackle a stuttering economy and other challenges that he will face after winning a big majority. Still, he hasn’t decided the expected date regarding it, but BJP official said that he was expected to move quickly to get a new cabinet.

After Winning a Majority, He Said,

We all want a new India. I want to bow my head and say thank you,” he said. “Whatever happened in these elections is in the past, we have to look ahead. We have to take everyone forward, including our staunchest opponents.”

Of course, it was the motivation for the supporters of the PM who voted for him, and he got the victory just because of the supporters who are always available to serve the country.

So, what do you think? Does he give his best to the country in his tenure? How will he work for the economy of the country? How he will stop the crime and punish criminals through his intense and strict policies, rules, and regulation. For this, we need to see his services towards the country to know the things regarding him and how he is serving the country through his hard work, experience, and more.

Rory John Gates Bio: Everything you want to Know


When talking about the world’s second-richest personality, then Bill Gates will definitely come to our minds. And we don’t need any introduction when talking about their family: Rory John Gates, a second child of Bill Gates and Melinda. Bill and Melinda have three children, Jennifer Katherine Gates, Rory John Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates. All they have is a three years gap between each of them.

Rory was born in Seattle, Washington, the United States on May 23, 1999, and she is 20 years old. He is really very far from public and TV interviews, but still, he is the most desirable child in the US. Rory John has currently completed his MBA, and soon he will join his father’s business. Unlike Jennifer and Phoebe, he is more interested in continuing the legacy of his father.

Top Facts That You Don’t Know About Rory John Gates

Here are some of the facts about this personality that many of the fans want to know. Let’s increase your knowledge by having some great and worthwhile news.

Rory Gates – Most Loved Child of the Family

As Rory John is born into a wealthy family, so he gets a lot of facilities and love from his parents. His mom and dad both were a businessman that’s why he brings everything that an average person barely gets. Rory holds American citizenship and has a place with white ethnicity.

rory john gates

He has a great bond with his mom. He has spent a lot of time with his mom and invests a lot of energy. Melinda once said,

“He’s an extraordinary child and lovely brother. He has acquired his folks’ obsessive love of puzzles. However, something that makes me proudest is that Rory is a feminist”.

Rory finished his education from Duke University. He got a degree in Computer Software Engineering Economics. After then, Rory took admission in Fuqua School of Business from where he earned his MBA degree.

Bill Gates Wish – Raised Him as an Independent Child

Bill Gates has declared that he will give a huge portion of his property to charity. He wants his children to procure their life without any input from anyone. Also, he knows that his children are proficient and autonomous to work themselves.

rory john gates and whole bill gates family

The best thing about Rory is that he contributes 33% of his pocket cash to charity. This is a good practice as many youths are contributing an amount in charity to support kids and seniors who are alone.

Rory John is Not Active on Social Media

Nothing is more impressive than being popular without being active on social media. Rory doesn’t use social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but still, he is in the eyes of many fans. His dad Bill Gates frequently shares Rory’s images on his Instagram account. Other than, he has no engagement on any platform.

Rory John is Single

Not in the news nor in any newspaper, we haven’t heard any humor about the personal life of Rory. He is happily single, busy in his job life, and spending time like a normal person. There is no record of his marriage and separation life. Rory John Gates’s marital status is single. Fans want to see his girlfriend or wife, but until now, there is no news regarding his personal life and any marital relationship.

Rory John Was Not Allowed to Use Cell Phone Till 13

As we are aware of the kids of early ages who are using cell phones in their spare time and busy engaging with social media and YouTube, Bill Gates Doesn’t allow this to their kids. All three kids were not allowed to use a cell phone until the age of 13. Whatever the companion of a child was doing, there was a strict rule at their home regarding mobiles.


All the fans of Rory John, who does not know more about this personality, can read this blog and get complete information regarding him. He was not active on any platform to connect with others; he just loves to spend his most of the time with family, especially his mom. So, get inspired by the personality and enjoy reading about him. If you are a great fan of him, then do follow his good habits that are stimulating others.


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