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Pikashow for Smart TV – Download Free APK PikaShow on Smart TV – Pikashow Apko

Pikashow for Smart TV

Have you ever watched a movie or TV show at home without going outside? Nowadays, people prefer to play for free on the big screen instead of investing money. Finding movies on the Internet takes a lot of effort.

Many people subscribe to popular OTT platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Sling TV, Amazon Prime, etc. So, instead of subscribing to these apps, people prefer to watch the content of free APK apps. 

PikaShow is one APK application that allows users to watch premium content on these OTT platforms. If you are a movie addict and want free content, PikaShow is the app.

Pikashow APK

We all prefer to watch movies, cartoons or games in our free time, but many media applications come with paid subscriptions. As an alternative, PikaShow comes as an image-sharing premium plan. It is another mod and social media application. You can watch movies and TV shows from all over the world. The PikaShow app is easy to navigate, and you can easily stream your movies and TV shows.

Features of PikaShow APK 

FHD Video Quality: 

  • This app allows you to switch between multiple video qualities from 360p to 1080p.
  • It does not consume much internet data due to its data-saving feature.

Ad-free media experience:

  • There are many different APKs in the market, but only PikaShow gives you a smooth experience without showing ads while listening to music.

Subtitle Support:

  • Added multiple subtitles to PikaShow for all movies and TV shows.
  • No need to download or search for subtitles. Click Add Subtitle, find the title of the movie and add it.

Variety of Genres:

  • You no longer need to watch any genre of movies or TV shows.
  • A person can choose to view any type of content depending on the context.
  • There are many types, such as Horror, Crime, War, Rococo, Action, Adventure, etc. 

How to install PikaShow on Smart TV?

  1. PikaShow supports Android, iOS, FireStick and Windows. Below is the installation process of PikaShow on your Smart TV.

  2. Please turn on your smart TV and ensure it is connected to the Internet.

  3. Open the Google Play Store on your Smart TV and search for ES File Explorer.

  4. Install this app and open any browser. Paste this link into the search bar: https://pikashowapko.com/ 

  5. Download the app today and enjoy ES File Explorer.

  6. Open your local drive and search for the PikaShow app.

  7. Now double-click to install PikaShow on your smart TV.

  8. The installation may take a few seconds, so please be patient.

  9. Once installed, you can watch movies or live TV on your device.


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PikaShow is one such app that provides users with the latest content. You don’t have to pay anything without registration; you can stream your favorite movies or TV shows. External video player support, a simple and clean user interface and a playlist are some of its features.

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